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South Lincoln School

Press Release - March 23, 2020

Please click the link below to view the Press Release for Monday, March 23, 2020

Lincoln County Schools 

COVID 19 Update


  1. First Day of Feeding
    1. Thank you to all who participated- participation was overwhelming
    2. Thank you for your patience- served more meals than anticipated
    3. Served 6,600 meals to 1,100 students
    4. Adjustments are being made to be better prepared and eliminate the long wait time

2.Instructional Planning
    1. First of all- today is our first day back from Spring Break
    2. and click link for “Learning Resources for Home Instruction”
    3. Nearly 200 students have signed up for printed copies to be picked up Thursday or next monday, others are using the sites found on the link
    4. These materials are for students and parents to assist in the students to not experience a “learning slide” during the extended closure.
    5. If the closure is extended beyond April 3rd, we will have teachers collaborating and developing additional resources for you to use
    6. If you do nothing else, read to and with your child- read, read, read!
    7. These assignments are provided as resources to our families