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South Lincoln School

Press Release - March 30, 2020


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Press Release - March 30, 2020

Lincoln County Schools 

COVID 19 Update


  1. Closure extended 3 additional weeks through April 24th

  1. Whole Child- Physically
    1. Feeding update - 7848 meals served today!
    2. Workouts online-  On Facebook Live we posted a workout led by principals for students and staff to use.  It will also be housed on our youtube site. Next week we now plan for the PE teacher to provide us workout videos weekly. Stay tuned!

  1. Whole Child- Academically, Our instructional plans through April 3rd have been communicated through several means of communication.  We are currently working on plans for April 6th - April 24th. Those plans will be communicated soon.

  1. Whole Child- Emotionally- Our school counselors are still available for families that have needs.  They will be forwarded to our school social workers and family resource center director. We continue to provide resources, when possible, through telephone conversations.  Let your school counselor know if there are areas we might be able to provide assistance in this arena.

  1. Whole Child- Morally- We are trying hard to model the way and “do what is right” during these difficult times.

  1. Governor’s Executive Order- We will be getting more direction regarding Governor Lee’s Executive Order #22 “Safer at Home Order” closing non-essential businesses.