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South Lincoln School

Press Release - April 16, 2020

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LCS COVID 19 Update


School Closure

  • In going along with Governor Lee’s recommendations, Lincoln County Schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year
  • All activities through May 22 are cancelled
  • Lots of questions to be answered and decisions to be made- we ask for your patience as we systematically go through these decisions

Lincoln County High School Graduation and Prom

  • Graduation
    • At this time an alternative date has been selected for graduation- June 19th.  
    • The administration will also be selecting a July date to announce in the event that the June 19th date has to be cancelled.
    • Teachers and administrators are currently working on some sort of a virtual recognition for may 22nd.
  • Prom- given the many unknowns and uncertainties, at this point we are not ready to make any sort of alternate plans. 

All Students and Semester Grades- The State Board met and determined the following regarding semester grades:

  • The grade as of March 20th is the grade a child is to receive for the course they are attending.
  • A failing grade may be raised to passing by the student completing assignments from the teacher
  • In Lincoln County Schools, high school teachers will spend the next couple of days calculating a students grade as of March 20th.  Any student failing a course will be contacted by the teacher or counselor with directions required to raise the score if so desired by the student
  • More guidance is coming in the next few days from the schools

Seniors and Graduation Requirements- The State Board met and changed the graduation requirements for the Class of 2020:

  • Seniors must have 20 credits to graduate
    • 4 mathematics
    • 4 English
    • 3 science
    • 2 social studies
  • Guidance and Administration is currently reviewing every senior's transcripts to determine graduation status with the new requirement.

Instructional Plans  

  • These instructional packets are for all students and different than any assigned work for students failing a course as mentioned before.
  • April 6- May 22  Teachers are collaborating to streamline assignments so that all students in the district were getting the same assignments.  Templates are online with links and assignments. Packets are available for pickup at schools on Mondays. Additional activities for enrichment are included on the templates for students striving to do more. The Website is -link to the Learning Resources for home instruction tab
  • Call the school or come by on Mondays to get packets if not doing the online assignments- not both

Feeding Students

  • Started feeding on Monday, March 24th
  • Serve Mondays & Thursdays 9-11 at all schools
  • Served to date: 50,343 meals
  • Changes since day 1- streamlined the process- little waiting by parents / taken several safety and health measures from reducing interactions, process engineering the feeding, PPE, etc…

Stay Healthy!