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South Lincoln School

Press Release - April 30, 2020


Click the link to view the  April 30, 2020 COVID-19 Press Release


LCS COVID 19 Update


School Closure

  • Lincoln County Schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year
  • All activities through May 22 are cancelled

Lincoln County High School Graduation

  • Graduation
    • At this time an alternative date has been selected for graduation- June 19th.  
    • Alternative Date of July 10th has been set.
    • Keep in mind that if either of these dates is a GO, we will need to adhere to any regulations set by the state or local health or governmental agencies.
    • Teachers and administrators are currently working on some sort of a plan

Closing Down the School Year

  • Assistant Director John Fanning, working with all principals, is in charge of the shutting down of the schools for the year and the re-opening next school year


  • Supervisor Renee Pryor has been assigned the Coordinator of the CARES ACT
  • Lincoln County Schools will be receiving ~$650,000 from the CARES ACT Funds
  • Priorities in planning the use of the funds, given guidance and regulations from the Federal Government include:
    • Focusing on the needs of the whole child
      • Continuation of feeding if possible.  If CARES ACT does not finance it, we are seeking other grants to do so.  We feel this is very important at this time.  To Date, since March 23rd (29 business days ago), LCS has served approximately 75,000 meals!  Great job by our cafeteria staff members, Spring Brindley, and all the team members at each school site.
      •  Looking at services for mental and emotional health of our students now and upon returning to school- 5 months away.
      • Planning to create a digitally archived system that includes lessons we teach that can be used in future closures, during snow days, homebound, etc…
      • Technology to allow students to participate from home even without Internet services, also Hotspots at each campus for drive up, etc...


  • In regards to the TSSAA/TMSAA Sports Calendar and what school-related activities are permitted during the months of May, June, and July, all member school athletic programs will need to follow the TSSAA/TMSAA Sports Calendar as written.
  • TSSAA is recommending that member schools follow the state and local government along with the CDC and local Health Department guidelines concerning social distancing, understanding that these guidelines will continue to change from county to county and as the summer progresses.
  • As far as the TSSAA is concerned,It is totally the decision of LEA as to how much they are going to allow coaches to do face-to-face activities with their students
  • Summer begins when the school and/or school system was originally scheduled to be dismissed. Up until that point, all sports are in the off-season. In following the TSSAA/TMSAA Sports Calendar,
  • Coaches may conduct "online" practice sessions as long as they are following the guidelines which are specific to their sport. As usual, weight lifting and conditioning, even if conducted "online," must be open to all students and not required of any of them to participate.
  • The "Dead Period," a two-week period in the summer where coaches are not permitted to be in contact with players, will remain in place.

I want to thank all our faculty members, staff, students and parents for working 

together during this crisis.  LCS is an amazing place full of amazing folks!  

Thanks to you all, stay healthy, and God Bless you!