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South Lincoln School


MajorClarity is a platform that is being utilized by Lincoln County Schools’ school counselors to facilitate career exploration in grades 6-12. MajorClarity links classroom learning to post-secondary preparation through a highly personalized, student driven academic and career planning system. MajorClarity merges counseling, career development initiatives, and CTE to inform students about their opportunities, and support them in building out a plan of study that is reflective of their individual strengths, abilities, interests, and long term goals.

Students in the 8th grade are creating 4-year plans of study using the MajorClarity guides. Parents are encouraged to have their students login and view these plans. Planning all 4 years of high school allows a student to ensure that they will be able to complete necessary courses that are aligned with their interests and future career choices. As students progress through the high school courses, these 4-year plans of study are able to be changed based on a student's progress and future desired outcomes. 

Here are just a few of the ways that MajorClarity helps ensure all students are prepared for a successful post secondary transition:

  • “Best fit” career matching that helps students identify career paths and occupations of interest, using “fit score” calculations based on a personality assessment, and self-reported career path compatibility ratings.
  • User-friendly, academic and CTE pathway-aligned course selection tools help students and families get the most out of the registration process and academic experiences.
  • Relevant instructor-guided and independent learning opportunities that promote social-emotional learning, self-discovery, and career and workplace readiness.
  • Robust postsecondary research and preparation tools give students easy access to the information they need to make meaningful decisions about life after graduation - whether that includes a 2-year or 4-year college, trade school, military, work-based learning, or scholarships - the application center and resume builder help keep students on track to meet their academic and career goals.

Student Account Access

Go to

  • “Sign in with Google” using your student’s Chromebook username and password
  • Click the MajorClarity icon

For more information about the program, visit & follow @majorclarity on Twitter, lnstagram, and LinkedIn to stay connected!