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Car Rider Procedures

Car Rider Information and Procedures




Hang Tags--All parents/guardians must have a car rider number which will remain the same throughout your time at South Lincoln. You MUST display the car hang tag. We utilize these numbers to match to the students. If you have someone else picking up your child/children, please ask them to display a sheet of paper with your child’s number on it. If using a sheet of paper, please try to make it large and dark. Not having a number displayed slows down the process of picking up students.


Dropping off & Picking UpCar riders that attend SL are to be dropped off and picked up in the car rider line located at the East end of the building entering from Cash Road. Car riders are NOT to be dropped off or picked up in the front of the school unless parents are coming in to meet with a teacher or staff member.


As you line up on Cash Road, please stay on the “right” side of Cash Rd and leave room for homeowners to enter driveways. Do not begin to double the line until you have passed the last curve and are on SL property. Cars will then merge one at a time to form a single line on the school parking lot. After you drop-off or pick up your child, you must turn right and drive in front of the school. You will exit the school grounds at our main exit located on the West side of the campus. Our main entrance is utilized by buses, employees, and visitors to the school.


When picking up your child/children in the afternoon line, students MUST be able to enter the vehicle from the passenger (right) side of the car. Students will not be allowed to walk off the sidewalk and around to the driver’s side.


Drop-off & Pick-up Times—Morning drop-off time begins at 7:00 AM and ends at 7:40 AM. School begins at 7:40 AM. Afternoon pick-up begins at 2:50 PM and ends at approximately 3:15 PM. We ask that all car riders be picked up no later than 3:25 PM. We will work with parents in cases of emergency, but in recurring situations, parents may choose to use the childcare program. Our childcare program offers a place for students to stay for $10 per day. Childcare ends at 5:45 PM. Students who are not picked up by 3:25 PM will be placed in childcare. A parent, guardian, or person listed on the child’s pick-up list will be required to come in and sign the student out. The childcare program is located in the school’s cafeteria.