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Mrs Clara Taylor » History of the History Teacher

History of the History Teacher

I am happy to teach yet another year! This is my 41st year to begin school. Some of my students are children of adults who were  once my former students. That is very special to me!  I teach 4th grade social studies which is American History from First Americans up to the years after the Civil War ended. I will also be teaching 4th grade science which includes studying animals, plants, light waves, space, and physics-all fun and interesting stuff!
I began my teaching career with 8th Graders teaching (you guessed it!) American History at Central Jr. High School which was in the present building of NGA.
I was born in Lincoln County and attended Fayetteville City Schools. I graduated from Central High School in Fayetteville, headed to MTSU, and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.
Right away, I began a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.
About  10 years later, I worked on a certificate that was +30 hours beyond a Master's Degree in Education.
I came to South Lincoln in 1998 teaching a self-contained classroom of 6th grade.

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A great year ahead for 2019 to 2020

I welcome you! I am excited to teach 2 subjects this year.
I am teaching 4th grade Social Studies and 4th grade Science.
These are 2 of my fav subjects!
I grew up here in Lincoln County, so we will go back in history and include
some history of our beautiful town. Growing up on a farm gave me a love
for animals and plants and the beautiful night sky as well as the systems
which replenish the Earth. 4th grade is the best and coolest place to
be for me!

An interesting website for all the fans of TN's history

Tennessee History for is a fantastic and well arranged website which I use with my students. Today, we took a "Trek Across TN" in which we saw the different elevations across TN.